Audi is pulling no punches when it comes to the future of motoring. While fellow German brands BMW and Porsche work with hydrogen technology and synthetic fuels respectfully, Ingolstadt has nailed its flag to the mast - by 2026, all new Audis will be electric, and the brand's combustion-engined vehicles will die in 2033.

Even the RS performance models will head down this route, with Audi not willing to consider downsizing as an alternative. Speaking at the track launch of the hardcore RS5 Competition at the Ascari circuit in Spain, Audi Sport's Constantin Dressler told CarBuzz that it will electrify its performance cars, but "won't ever do a four-pot." This is a blatant dig at Mercedes-AMG, which recently revealed the four-cylinder C63 S E Performance.

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Audi Says It Will NEVER Stoop To Using A Four Cylinder Engine In A RS Model

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