Tesla told its California customers that, starting on Wednesday, September 28, the charging rate and off-peak hours would change at Superchargers throughout the state.

The update is one of several that Tesla drivers have been subjected to this year, and owners are complaining that the prices are rising. On Reddit, users have shared their experiences of pricing rates at Superchargers throughout the state.


Although prices vary from charger to charger, most report rising prices. For instance, u/xpntblnkx reported that Culver City, Hollywood, DTLA, Long Beach, and Irvine had peak rates of $0.55-0.65 per kWh. During off-peak hours, however, which run from midnight to 8:00 a.m. at those locations, the rates range from $021 to $0.41 per kWh.

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Owners Complain After Tesla Increases Supercharging Rates In Energy Stricken California

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