Toyota's CEO said last week that it will be a challenge to boost sales of electric cars to levels anticipated by some U.S. states including the state of California, which plans to outlaw sales of vehicles not powered by electricity by the middle of next decade.

From Volvo and Bentley to Cadillac and Buick, a number of luxury and niche brands have already declared an end to development of gas-powered vehicles by 2030. Even some mass-market brands like Chevrolet plan to wind down sales of gas-powered vehicles by 2035.

That said, automakers, regulators, and U.S. states are split over whether California’s all-out ban of non-plug-in vehicle sales by 2035 is realistic. Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda is one of the few executives of a large automaker to speak out against the U.S. goal of 50% zero-emissions vehicles by 2030—reportedly calling it “very difficult” at a meeting with dealers last week.

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Toyota CEO Remains Critic Of Ban Of Ice Vehicle Sales - How Long Until The Left Demands He Be Canceled For NOT Following The Status Quo?

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