One of the key trends I've seen bubbling up in the car business is one I've never seen in all my days.

I don't think I can remember a time when people are FALLING OUT OF LOVE with vehicles FASTER than they are in 2022.

And what amazes me is that it's happening MOST with BRAND NEW products like Rivian, Bronco, Lightning, Hummer EV, etc.

The stories of why the quick exits from a vehicle are numerous but here's one on a Rivian R1T from a FB group post.

"I know this post will upset some but wanted to share for those on the fence and looking for other feedback. Bitter sweet goodbye. Sold my R1T the other day, now we wait for the R1S.  Hopefully the R1S has more room in the backseats!

I wanted to share my experience with the truck for the couple of months that I had it. For transparency, I thought it was going to replace my Tesla MYP, quickly realized this wasn’t going to happen so I never got rid of it. I didn’t really know what to expect because I had never seen the truck in person before taking delivery, but it was a bit of a let down. For me, I like the Tesla because of the sophisticated technology. The R1T technology is pretty far behind where Tesla is right now. I’m sure they will get there, but I just had high expectations coming from the Tesla. The maps are pretty terrible, the radio, the entertainment ecosystem, the ”auto pilot,” all have quite a bit of catch up to so.  Autopilot barely worked on any of the roads around where I live which was pretty annoying. The Bluetooth locking/unlocking can be very frustrating at times. Also the app is pretty lacking.

I’d say the biggest negative for me would be the overall size of the truck. It’s pretty small. The backseat in the Tesla has more room than the truck does and fits car seats A LOT better than the R1T.  Our F150 feels huge compared to this truck. I am hoping the R1S has more legroom than the truck. Another negative, the bed and all its compartments get filled with all kinds of crap whether it’s dirt or hay, it’s just very hard to get out.  

Besides the tonneau cover being broken before leaving the lot, the service team was great about getting some panels aligned and other fascia pieces attached better."

Spies, WHY do you think this is happening? None of those vehicles I mentioned are bad. Makes no sense.

A RIVIAN TALE: Buyers Are FALLING OUT OF LOVE With Vehicles In General, FASTER THAN EVER. Have People Just Become The ULTIMATE NITPICKERS Or Are They Right On??

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