The Audi R8 is officially dead, but at least the German brand is building 333 rear-wheel-drive special-edition cars to celebrate the life of a supercar that achieved icon status within two short generations. Audi will distribute the 333 V10 GT RWDs globally, and there's a good chance they've all been spoken for already. It took Chrysler less than a day to sell 2,200 300Cs in North America, so selling 300 Audis globally probably took less than 15 minutes.

Now everyone wants to know what's next, and you likely don't want to hear it if you were a fan of the R8's naturally aspirated, high-revving engines. Audi is reportedly working on an electric replacement, which will likely be called the Rnext. As in, this is what comes next after the R8.

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Audi R8 Replacement To Be Called The Rnext - Promises Violent EV Performance

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