A TikToker going by the handle srt_ray6.4 recently posted video footage of an interaction he had with a police officer who claimed that the exhaust on his Dodge Challenger Hellcat was not in line with state regulations relating to decibel levels, despite the car allegedly being stock.

In two videos, compiled by YouTuber SoCal Super, interactions with two police officers relating to the same citation can be seen. Although the circumstances of the stop are not clear, the first video shows a police officer stating the vehicle’s red key, which unlocks a Challenger or Charger Hellcat‘s full complement of 707 hp (527 kW/717 PS), is not appropriate for the road.


@srt_ray6.4 Imagine not knowing the difference of what a V8 is supposed to sound like and your only answer is ????‍?? #cars#fyp? #fyp #foryoupage #hellcat #police#lapd ? original sound - raycervantes49

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WATCH: California Cop Warns YouTuber To Not Use Hellcat's Red Key Because It Is Now Too Loud By State Law

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