Chevron and Texaco have partnered with Freewire to equip their gas station locations with EV charging solutions.

Gas stations have a distinct advantage over other EV charging companies; they are already located everywhere. There are nearly 7000 Chevron gas stations and 8000 Texaco locations in the US alone. And through a new partnership with Freewire, an EV charging infrastructure company, these countless gas stations can now serve as EV charging locations.


Freewire’s charging solution is unique. It uses standard wall plug power to charge large batteries within the charger. Then, when an EV hooks up to the charger, the battery charges the vehicle at DC fast charging rates (instead of the wall outlet rate). This saves the location from having to invest in expensive physical charging infrastructure on their site but still allows customers to access DC fast charging.

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Chevron And Texaco Begin Equipping Gas Stations With EV Charging Solutions

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