The legacy automakers' big EV transition strategy has been built on the idea of modular platforms; of flat chassis that can accommodate any body style imaginable. To show us what they mean, they've dangled all manner of wacky concepts in front of us, from familiar-looking coupes to cartoonish off-road buggies. Now that even EV antagonists like Toyota have electric cars on the market though, the wagon options are still limited to but a single Porsche—the Taycan Cross Turismo and Sport Turismo. The EV age was supposed to bring about a body style renaissance, so what gives? Where are the wagons?

We grilled several automakers for answers, but unsurprisingly, few were willing to talk about why they haven't delivered such a car. Fortunately, we were able to get an answer from Audi, whose Avant line has been the poster child for premium and high-performance wagons for nearly three decades. Audi's stance is particularly interesting given its E-Tron GT's close relationship with the Taycan—the two share a platform—that should make it ripe for adaption into an electric Avant.

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The EV Revolution Promised More Wagons - Where Are They?

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