Out of control Tesla speeds through Chinese streets, killing two people and injuring three others: Family member of driver, 55, says he had issues with brake pedal - but Tesla vows to find out the 'truth'

An out-of-control Tesla sped through the streets of a Chinese province, killing two and injuring three before it finally crashed into a building earlier this month.

Terrifying footage showed a white Tesla Model Y suddenly accelerating after the driver appeared to try to park the car, and then whipping at harrowing speeds through busy streets.

The family of the driver told local outlets that the 55-year-old man lost control of the car and that it would not respond when he stepped on the brake pedal.

Tesla said it was investigating the incident, but cautioned against 'rumors,' noting their data showed the car's brake pedal was never engaged while it was speeding through town. In a statement to Reuters, Tesla said it was working with local authorities to identify the 'truth' of what led to the accident.

Tell us Spies, how many of these claims as a percentage are REAL and how many are FAKE?

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