Sometimes when you're immersed in an industry even though you are knowledgeable, you can forget to ask an obvious, game changing question.

I'd love to be able to say I had the epiphany and came up with it but this one actually came from our good friend Micah Muzio. You probably know him from his KBB videos and now on his own channel.

So here it is...

Have a friend with a Rivian or Ford Lightning?

Meet them at the local watering hole or at a party of friends and when the conversation turns to their electric trucks throw this one out and enjoy the responses...

Ask them if they tow. And if they say yes, Hit them with THIS beauty.

HOW does one take a decent roadtrip and charge the vehicle with the trailer, boat, or whatever connected? then watch them squirm and have a chuckle.

I had never thought of that until I watched Micah's video. Have you ever seen ANY charging stations where there is enough space to get your charge in with anything attached to it? We haven't but maybe you all can educate us.

Can you imagine having to find parking, then having to disconnect the goodies, then charge, and go back and reconnect everything back so you can get back on the road?


TRY THIS ON YOUR FRIENDS! The GENIUS Question That Will Stump EVERY SINGLE EV Proponent Out There, That No One Has A Good Answer For.

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