Randy Lowry says he was disappointed, to put it mildly, when a Kia dealership in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, asked him to pay a $2,400 CAD ($1,793 USD at current exchange rates) charge on top of the price of the new Kia Telluride he was looking to buy.

That added fee came four months after he had agreed to buy the SUV, and had waited patiently for his car to come in. Lowry says, though, that the sales manager at the dealership told him that, in that time, prices had gone up, meaning he would have to pay more, according to the CBC.


That decision was reached despite Lowry having put down a $1,000 deposit on the Telluride and signed a “worksheet agreement,” which laid out the make, model, color, and specification of the SUV, as well as a list price of $46,997 CAD ($35,114 USD).

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Canadian Kia Dealership Accused Of Marking Up Vehicle By $1800 AFTER Worksheet Agreement

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