Recent reports have emerged suggesting that Tesla is developing a revamped version of its best-selling all-electric sedan, the Model 3. The revamp, which is reportedly codenamed “Project Highland,” is part of the EV maker’s efforts to cut production costs on the vehicle while boosting its appeal to consumers. 

The Tesla Model 3 has been in the market for several years now, and while the vehicle underwent a refresh back in October 2020, most of the changes that were implemented then were relatively minor. These included a new center console, new door panels, a power trunk, new wheels and headlights, and a number of other iterative changes.Citing several individuals reportedly familiar with the matter, Reuters noted that “Project Highland” would involve improvements to the Model 3 that would reduce the number of the car’s components and the complexity of its interior. The revamp will reportedly also focus on features that Tesla buyers value the most, such as the infotainment system.

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Project Highland Is The Code Name For New Revamped Model 3 Project

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