Toyota and Honda are losing loyal owners to rival brands that are further ahead in the electric vehicle transition, including Tesla, Ford and Hyundai and Chevrolet, according to a new report from S&P Global Mobility.

“Early S&P Global Mobility data suggests consumers moving to electric vehicles in 2022 are largely doing so from Toyota and Honda — brands which have been unable to keep their internal combustion owners loyal until their own brands begin to participate more significantly in the EV transition,” the data firm said Tuesday.

Sales of Toyota’s mass-market EV, the bZ4x crossover, were stopped for months shortly after its launch earlier this year due to a risk that its wheels could fall off. Honda discontinued its Clarity EV in 2020 after offering the sedan, with 89 miles of range, as lease-only in California and Oregon. Honda’s coming Prologue EV crossover is expected in 2024.

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S&P Global Report Reveals That Toyota And Honda Owners Are Abandoning Them Over EV Options

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