Ford is now facing pushback from dealers in numerous states over its EV sales plan.

Ford is revamping its EV sales model, and the first step in doing so is its “EV Certified” program. This certification is required for any dealer selling Ford electric vehicles. But due to the certification’s requirements, the automaker is now facing pushback and even a possible legal challenge from dealers who don’t wish to participate in the program but still wish to sell Ford’s hotly demanded electric vehicles.


Ford’s EV Certification program has two main requirements; sell EVs at fixed prices and invest between $500,000 and $1.2 million into EV charging infrastructure. Depending on how much dealers choose to invest, they will receive a correlating number of electric vehicles to sell. If a dealer chooses not to certify, they will be ineligible to sell Ford’s electric vehicles.

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Dealerships Sue Ford Because They Want To Sell EVs But Not Invest In Servicing Them

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