In that moment, I understood an immutable fact of L.A. car culture: In this town, you really are what you drive.

In a town whose chief industry is the creation of illusion, and where the truth, as the comedy legend Larry Gelbart once noted, is “as stretchable as a limo,” what a vehicle says about you can be a sincere expression of your taste or several miles distant from who you actually are and what station you occupy. L.A. has led the democratization of the luxury-car segment partly because the pressure to keep up appearances here is such that leasing a car you can’t possibly afford to buy confers upon an aspirant the sheen of legitimacy—you can fake it pretty much forever even if your chances of making at are essentially nil.

Top selling cars in LA

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What Your Car Says About YOU. At Least In LA. And Can You Guess The MOST Popular Selling Cars In LA? No, It's Not Mercedes Or BMW. Read On...

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