General Motors CEO Mary Barra recently explained the rationale behind the veteran automaker’s decision to pause its advertisements at Twitter, the social media company recently acquired by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Barra noted that GM wants to make sure that its advertising strategies are kept confidential. 

GM made headlines when it announced that it was pausing its Twitter advertisements. The automaker noted then that it was pausing its ads while it evaluates “Twitter’s new direction.” GM’s advertising pause was used as a talking point against Musk’s turbulent takeover of Twitter and his immediate handling of the social media company. 


During a recent appearance at CNBC’s Squawk Box, the GM CEO was asked if the company’s decision to pause its Twitter ads was a way to “punish” Elon Musk or Tesla. GM and Tesla are competitors in the electric vehicle segment, after all, with Barra mentioning in the past that GM can eventually overtake Tesla. The GM CEO made it a point to highlight that the automaker’s advertising pause is not a shot at Musk.

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GM's Mary Barra Attempts To Explain Why Company Stopped Advertising On Twitter

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