Eight years old as of late 2022, the first-generation Mercedes-AMG GT is about to go into the history books, with a coupe-only, 2+2 version scheduled to replace it in 2023. But the Germans aren't done with the current model just yet and rolled out yet another track-prepped beast. Meet the GT2, the company's most powerful customer race car to date.

Set to make its track debut in 2023, the GT2 will bridge the gap between the GT3, primarily raced by professionals, and the GT4, an entry-level GT-spec car. In short, the GT2 is aimed at gentleman drivers competing in the SRO GT2 class. Announced in 2018, the category brings together cars that are more powerful than those raced in GT3, while having lower downforce more similar to the GT4 class.

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2023 Mercedes-AMG GT2 Comes Out Of Hiding With 707 HP

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