On August 15th, Hyundai Motor America issued a 122,919-vehicle recall. More specifically, the 2020 to 2021 model year Hyundai Palisade was called back due to a windshield wiper motor that could function intermittently or fail when impeded by snow and/or ice accumulation.

Wipers that don’t work when you need them reduce driver visibility, thus increasing the risk of a crash. The root cause boils down to a sudden increase in wiper system load, which results in circuit breaker actuation within the motor. Wiper operation resumes once the circuit breaker resets or the windshield is cleared of snow/ice. The suspect windshield wiper motor assembly bears part numbers 98110-S8000 and 98110-G5000.

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NHTSA Opens Investigation On Hyundai Palisade For Windshield Wiper Failures

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