In normal times, yesterday would have been arrival day for the Spies in Detroit for the auto show at our headquarters hotel, The Ritz-Carlton Dearborn (now the Henry). We'd be greeted at the door by Top Hat Marty, whisked through checkout (private floor of course!) and into the bar where the best bartender on earth (Audra Chaney Corns) would have the Canadian Beer that they special ordered in for us (I know what you're thinking...HOCKEYTOWN has NO Canadian Beer at a fancy hotel? Sorry, Just CRAP, sorry, CRAFT beer at most places in town) waiting on ice and a magical week was about to begin. And OF COURSE, The Coyote Hat HAD to make its appearance. It was EXPECTED! Those were the days when the internet sites that STARTED it all I heard were SNEAKING into COBO CENTER days before and SECRETLY shooting photos and POSTING them DAYS before the show opened, SCOOPING EVERYONE! Ah, the good old days of the Detroit Auto Show, the greatest show in the USA in its time. Miss it and all my Detroit friends. BUT DON'T MISS THE COLD AND SNOW!

So how about a nostalgic look back of some of the great memories??

Full Detroit Auto Show Photo Gallery-A Look Back

DETROIT AUTO SHOW- A Nostalgic Look Back Through Some Memory-Filled Photos!

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