American electric vehicle maker Tesla has lowered prices on its entire Model S3XY lineup in the United States, with some vehicle variants receiving as much as 20% off their previous price. The strategy has had a ripple effect across the automobile industry, and it has put pressure on competitors in the EV sector.

Tesla’s price reductions have received mixed reactions among investors and Wall Street analysts, with some arguing that the move was a response to declining demand. Others, on the other hand, have noted that Tesla’s lower prices are a strategy that could put pressure on competitors, especially since popular variants of vehicles like the Model 3 and Model Y are now eligible for a $7,500 federal tax credit.


Analysts have noted that it is clear Tesla’s price cuts have resulted in the EV maker undercutting its competition in the other electric vehicle sector. The lower vehicle prices have had a negative impact on the value of used Teslas as well, with some dealers stating that the Teslas in their inventory experienced a decline of several thousand dollars overnight, as noted in a report from The Wall Street Journal.

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Tesla Price Cuts Are Already Disrupting The Industry

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