When Biden administration officials unveiled a first-in-decades crackdown on pollution from heavy-duty trucks last month, they touted the requirements as a major step toward cleaner air and environmental justice.

The measure compels engine makers to adopt technology designed to curb tailpipe emissions. Tucked inside the 1,200-page rule, though, is an exemption — pushed by manufacturers including Daimler Truck North America and Navistar International Corp. — that threatens to obliterate the regulation's smog-cutting potential.

Since pollution-control systems don't work as well in chillier conditions, the provision is designed to relax some standards as temperatures drop. But the shift begins at a balmy 77F (25C) — warmer than the average temperature across most of the continental U.S., even in summer.

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Biden Administration Crack Down On Polluting Big Rigs Has A Laughable Loophole

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