Tesla introduced the 4680 battery form factor in 2020 during Battery Day and has struggled to produce it in meaningful numbers since then. Nevertheless, with the new production facility at its gigafactory in Nevada, Tesla wants to change that and announces that the 4680 batteries will power everything, from cars to stationary storage like the Megapacks.

It’s needless to point out that electric vehicles are mostly battery packs on wheels. Since batteries are expensive, this reflects on the price of the car. As the biggest EV maker in the world, Tesla is looking to improve the cost structure of its vehicles while also making batteries store more energy, last longer, and become cheaper. The 4680 form factor was meant to do just that, although that was not their only purpose. Part of their mission was to make Tesla the king of batteries, basically dictating the standard and making other battery manufacturers choose sides.

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Tesla Plans To Move To Cheaper And Longer Lasting LFP Batteries

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