Alphabet-owned Waymo and General Motors-backed Cruise are the only two companies that have been given permission to operate driverless robotaxis in San Francisco streets. But amidst the real-world performance of the robotaxis, some officials have expressed their intentions to slow down the rollout of the self-driving vehicles. 

San Francisco’s transportation authorities have asked Waymo and Cruise to slow down the expansion of their self-driving taxi services over safety issues. The request was shared in letters sent to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). The San Francisco County Transportation Authority noted that the rapid expansion of the services has been problematic so far, citing incidents where driverless cars caused traffic blockages and interfered with emergency response efforts. 


Back in July, several autonomous Cruise vehicles blocked traffic for hours after the robotaxis seemingly stopped working. A similar incident was reported in September. Earlier this month, a Waymo self-driving car caused a traffic jam in San Francisco after it stopped in the middle of an intersection. The issue has caught the eye of regulators, with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) initiating an investigation into Cruise last month over incidents involving the vehicles blocking traffic and causing rear-end collisions from sudden braking.

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San Francisco Slows Autonomous Robotaxi Rollout Because It Is Already FAILING On Epic Levels

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