A new bill recently filed in the Florida Senate by Representative Jenna Persons-Mulicka will seek to make it a ticketable offense to drive in the left lane of some highways without the intention of passing another vehicle.

House Bill 421 seeks to prohibit a “driver from continuously operating a motor vehicle in [the] furthermost left-hand lane of certain roads.” An enforcement tool to be used against slow, inconsiderate drivers, the law may be a boon to faster vehicles.

Indeed, speaking to Action News Jax, several motorists said they approved of the bill, which they believed would make driving on the highway smoother. Others, though, were less certain about the proposed rule. Police in the state can already ticket drivers who don’t move out of the way of faster vehicles, and one driver who spoke to the outlet disapproved of the proposed bill on that basis. “We have too many laws on the books,” she said.

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Florida Wants To Ban Slow Drivers In The Left Lane

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