Tesla's top rivals may not be in the US, but rather, in China. In fact, CEO Elon Musk made a reference to "Some company out of China" during Tesla's recent Q4 2022 earnings call when talking about the US EV maker's biggest rival. Recent reports suggest that Tesla's price cuts in the country are impacting the sales of local EV brands, including Li Auto, Nio, and Xpeng.


Musk has talked about Tesla's top rivals in the past being gas-powered cars, not EVs. However, China has the biggest automotive market in the world, with many successful companies producing and selling EVs. That said, perhaps Tesla's biggest competitors on a global scale are gas cars, but in China, it's locally produced EVs that the US brand is primarily focused on beating in sales.

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Tesla Price Cuts In China Already Crippling Electric Automakers

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