Gersh Kuntzman is a journalist and editor based in New York City.

One of the topics that Kuntzman has covered in his reporting is the issue of covered license plates. This refers to the practice of covering or obstructing the license plate of a vehicle, either partially or fully, for various reasons such as privacy, style, or to evade law enforcement cameras. Some drivers also believe that covering their license plates can protect them from red light and speed cameras, which are commonly used to enforce traffic laws.

However, covering license plates can also have negative consequences, including making it difficult or impossible for law enforcement officials to identify the owner of a vehicle in the event of a crime or traffic violation. In addition, covered license plates can pose a public safety risk by making it more difficult for emergency responders to quickly locate and identify vehicles in emergency situations.

In order to demonstrate the dangers of covered license plates, Kuntzman has used sharpies to expose license plate numbers that have been obscured by coverings. In these demonstrations, Kuntzman takes a covered license plate and uses a sharpie to mark the numbers and letters on the plate, making them clearly visible. This serves as a visual representation of the dangers of covered license plates, as it highlights how easy it is for law enforcement officials, emergency responders, and other concerned individuals to miss important information about a vehicle if the license plate is covered.

But do YOU believe he has a right to do that to someone else's license plate and what would you do if you caught him in the act?

Check out the Karen coverage he has been receiving...

KUNT-zman OR Neighborhood Hero EXPOSING Covered License Plates? What Would YOU DO If He Did This To YOURS?

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