Volkswagen really means "people's car" in German, although that is not so obvious today when the German brand is far from affordable. Volkswagen PR was offended when, a few years ago, I called the Passat "the people's car" in an article. The German carmaker appears to have touched down again and wants to reconnect with its roots. At least, that's what it tries to convince us with the ID. 2all concept.
The presentation started, bizarrely, with claims about "impressive software," which would make Volkswagen a "loved brand again." This reminds us and the rest of the audience of Volkswagen's software problems that plagued its ID. range. However disappointing this part of the presentation was, the ID. 2all concept was actually a nice surprise.

The study blends Golf design with Polo cues, a marked departure from the "Pixar" face of the ID.3. It's not groundbreaking in any way but rather boring in the classic Volkswagen fashion. It's not half bad, either. It just doesn't look like the designers worked very hard. Considering that the ID. 2all was probably penned in a hurry after the ID.Life was deemed unsuitable for primetime, it's understandable.


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