When Tesla introduced the refreshed Model S and Model X in 2021, people were dazzled by the cool yoke replacing the classic steering wheel. Those who understand what driving means were less impressed with the change. Everybody was hoping that Tesla would implement a form of progressive steering that would allow drivers to make full turns without taking their hand off the yoke. Alas, it didn't, which left owners struggling with a contraption that wasn't meant to rotate because it wasn't round.

Many Tesla fans claimed the yoke was better for driving than the wheel, something they say about many other missing or badly-designed features. Some even vowed never to go back to using a steering wheel. Thankfully, sanity prevailed, and complaints convinced Tesla it might be time to reconsider a round steering wheel. The first time we saw indications that this could be the case was in February 2022, when white-hat hacker Green (@greentheonly) discovered a software code change in Tesla's service tools.

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Tesla Allows Owners To Retrofit Yoke Steering Wheel To A Normal One For Only $700

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