Many hailed Rivian for launching the first electric off-roaders into the market. The R1T and R1S are promoted as “adventure vehicles,” designed to take a beating and drive in harsh conditions. Perhaps their owners take these claims too literally because more reports are coming about Rivian EVs getting stuck or damaged in various situations. In some cases, even driving through a puddle caused damage to the underbody panels. Certainly, this should’ve not caused any problems for a truck.

Another story has made rounds on social media after Taylor Ogan, a hedge-fund investor, shared his brother’s unfortunate experience with a Rivian R1S. On Tuesday, he tweeted about his brother’s new “dream car,” a “stunning” Rivian R1S. Less than 48 hours into the ownership, Taylor’s brother saw his beloved SUV loaded onto a platform and sent 300 miles (480 km) away to a Rivian service center after a bizarre incident.

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Rivian R1S SUV Towed 300 To Miles To The Service Center After Getting Stuck In The Snow

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