Tesla is being accused of receiving preferential treatment from politicians in Germany who recognize the advancements the company has made in Europe’s transition to sustainable transportation.

Notable politicians, including Prime Minister of Brandenburg Dietmar Woidke and Economic Minister Jörg Steinbach, are catching heat from Brandenburg residents and green groups who believe the automaker is receiving special treatment.
It has been a tumultuous few weeks at Giga Berlin. Tesla has faced criminal charges from residents after piles driven into the ground without a permit caused an uprise. Tesla countered the initial issues regarding the piles by creating a new division to deal with permitting.
This was followed by claims that Tesla’s planned expansion of the plant may be met with roadblocks related to a shortage of water and electricity. Brandenburg Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke assured the automaker that the supply issues would be resolved and local government officials would find a fix.

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Green Groups Now Accuse Tesla Of Getting Preferential Treatment By German Politicians

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