Americas public and private electric vehicle charging stations are susceptible to cyberthreats because they don’t meet the latest security standards.

Most of the hundreds of thousands of public and home chargers use older technology that leaves them vulnerable to security breaches, according to Jim Alfred, vice president of Canada’s BlackBerry Technology Solutions.
That means these chargers are vulnerable to so-called man-in-the-middle attacks, where a hacker penetrates the digital communication used by an application to steal a login or financial data, experts told Automotive News.
Recent documented hacks of EV charging stations have been relatively low stakes. Hackers put pro-Ukraine messages disparaging Russian President Vladimir Putin on EV charger screens in Russia last year. On the Isle of Wight in England, hackers took over three charging stations to show pornography on the screens.

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After YEARS Of Cyber Breaches The Industry Only Now Realizes That Public Charging Stations Are Not Secure Enough

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