It comes as no surprise that Volkswagen Group and Ford aim to ramp up their cooperative efforts for future electric cars. Both automakers hope to eventually overtake Tesla as leaders in the EV space, all while competing with brands that have similarly compelling goals, including GM and Hyundai. Combining forces could be the ticket to accelerating such efforts.
As reported by Automotive News, Volkswagen Group CEO Oliver Blume just reiterated that its partnership with Ford is just beginning, and, in fact, it's "intensifying." When it comes to making plans to be global EV leaders, now is arguably the time to move forward, and as quickly as possible. Most successful global brands are already working on a major transition, and laggards may struggle to keep up.
Ford is among the many brands making big plans to reinvent itself going forward, and part of those plans include the official unveiling of a fully electric SUV that rides on Volkswagen's MEB platform. Ford will unveil the EV on March 21, 2023.

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Volkswagen Say EV Cooperation With Ford Will Grow In The Future

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