After a Tesla Model S crashed in Newport Beach last year, killing three people in the car and injuring another three on the ground, many suspected Tesla Autopilot might have been involved. The authorities have now ruled out this possibility and believe substance abuse and speeding were the main factors.
Crashes involving Tesla cars get more attention from the media, often because of its safety assist systems, Autopilot or Full Self-Driving. Especially when the NHTSA starts an investigation, many automatically assume this has to do with the agency’s probe into Tesla’s safety assist systems. That was also the case with the Tesla Model S crash in Newport Beach on May 12, 2022. The collision was one of the 34 involving self-driving tech investigated by the NHTSA since 2016, with 28 involving a Tesla vehicle.

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NHTSA Investigation Comes Up Short In Deadly Newport Beach Tesla Crash - Autopilot Was Not Involved

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