Bentley is to overhaul its production lines to allow an even greater focus on personalised and bespoke vehicles, as the British luxury brand looks to build on record profits and sales figures during 2022.
The Crewe manufacturer has announced that it came close to doubling its operating profit over its 2021 level, soaring from 389 million euros (£341m) to 708 million euros (£621m) as it delivered more vehicles than ever before – 15,174 units. This is a four-per cent increase in sales volume, but the brand’s overall revenue jumped by 19 per cent as customers added greater numbers of bespoke personalization options to each vehicle. All told, Bentley has now delivered a billion-euro turnaround in profit since 2018, when it posted a loss of nearly €300m.

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Bentley To Focus On Ultra Expensive Custom Models In 2023

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