California has always been at the forefront of emission regulations and is now moving to ban diesel trucks beginning in 2045. Despite the protests initiated by the trucking industry, EPA is expected to give California a waiver to move forward with the proposed legislation.
California has some of the toughest emissions regulations in the world, which explains why EV makers sell most of their U.S. cars in the Golden State. California has recently announced the banning of ICE light vehicles starting in 2035 and is moving with similar restrictions on heavy diesel trucks. The implications are far-reaching, considering that 14 states follow California’s Air Resource Board (CARB) standards. A ban on diesel trucks would be a devastating blow to the trucking industry, so a backlash is expected.
Curbing heavy-truck emissions is a necessary measure. The trucking industry is responsible for a third of California’s nitrogen oxide. It is also accountable for more than a quarter of the fine particle pollution. Both pollutants are linked to asthma, other respiratory illnesses, and premature death. Still, California needs the EPA to issue a waiver to implement its plans. According to sources cited by the Washington Post, the Biden administration will give the go-ahead in the following days.

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California To Ignore Trucking Industry, Will Ban Diesel Rigs Killing Independent Truckers And Driving Supply Chain Costs Higher

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