Unless you've been under a rock or don't care about Tesla, you must have heard about Project Highland. The mysterious project refers to a refreshed Tesla Model 3 expected to launch later this year. Wilder connections have also been rumored between the project's name and Highland Park, where Ford's manufacturing revolution began. Tesla is indeed working on a revolutionary manufacturing process, but it may not yet change how Model 3 is produced.
The camouflaged Model 3 prototypes we've seen so far suggest that Tesla might change the front and rear design, which is expected for a refreshed model. As usual with Tesla, design changes are subtle, and we don't expect the Model 3 to stray too far from the path. An insider report confirms that the updated Model 3 will have a modified front and rear bumper, but there's much more to this change than initially thought.

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Inside Source Reveals Tesla's Project Highland To Have Adaptive Headlights

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