Rivian owners discovered that the EV maker pushed out an update for the phone app that added an important functionality – getting access to the R1T’s bed or the R1S’ trunk by just tapping a screen button. Some rushed to drop the tailgate of their all-electric pickup trucks or to open the liftgate of their SUVs, but they noticed that it was impossible.
Even though customers chose to update the app and were notified about the new additions, once they tried to see if the changes work, some difficulties appeared – the phone buttons were nowhere to be found.
Fortunately, this didn’t take long. Rivian released both the app and the vehicle updates at nearly the same time. But since it is easier to see a notification on your smartphone that’s almost always close to you, owners didn’t immediately see that their vehicles needed to be updated as well. After the 2023.10.00 software was installed, the new app buttons became available and the functionalities were activated.

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