Although investors weren't impressed after Tesla's Investor Day, many things discussed at the event were nothing short of groundbreaking. If Tesla gets it right, Tesla's revolutionary manufacturing process called "Unboxed Vehicle" deserves a special place in automotive history. This is akin to a new manufacturing revolution, enabling a massive speed-up of the car production line by eliminating many redundant steps. Still, Tesla has more aces up its sleeve that would allow it to sell the upcoming mass-market EV at a killer price.

The conference was light on details, with a couple of slides showing how Tesla intends to assemble the parts of its vehicles only once. At the same time, the car is broken in several assemblies, allowing more people to work simultaneously. There seems to be more to this manufacturing process than Tesla has revealed. Alex (@ajtourville), a physics engineer who seems to know what he's talking about, says Tesla is preparing a new production technique for the external body panels.

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Tesla To Use Hydroforming To Produce Body Panels On Next Generation Vehicles

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