Lamborghini had yet another record-breaking year in 2022, delivering 9,233 vehicles and reaching a turnover that topped €2 billion (roughly $2.15 billion) for the first time. The exact turnover figure of €2.38 billion (around $2.56 billion) is an increase of 22% over 2021 and more than double the figure it posted five years ago.

In 2022, Lamborghini ran at an operating margin (profit per dollar spent) of 25.9%, which is a best-in-class result. At the end of 2022, that resulted in an operating income (total income minus operating cost) of $661 million, which is 56% higher than in 2021. In layman's terms, Lamborghini is the most successful automaker in the exclusive luxury market, which is more challenging than it may seem. Rolls Royce also had a record-setting year in 2022, and Bentley had its best year ever too.

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Lamborghini Is Rolling In The Cash After Banner 2022

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