A new poll has revealed that 31% of Americans still would not consider electric vehicles as their next car. At the same time, just over 1/3 of Americans would consider purchasing an electric vehicle. 
The United States is currently involved in a serious electric vehicle push, with President Joe Biden wanting 50% of all new vehicles sold in 2030 to be either battery-electric or plug-in hybrid cars. Tesla is a dominating presence in the US’ electric vehicle segment, thanks to the strong performance of its Model Y crossover and Model 3 sedan. 
A recent seven-day poll from Reuters/Ipsos, which concluded on Monday, revealed that 34% of respondents were open to the idea of purchasing an electric car, while 31% noted that they were not considering it. The survey also indicated that Democrats were more inclined towards EVs, with 50% considering the idea. This number was only 26% among Republicans and 27% among independents.

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Reuters Poll Shows One Third Of Americans Don't Want An Electric Vehicle

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