Teenagers in Sweden are driving Porsches and BMWs without a driver's license, thanks to a legal loophole. Swedish law allows anyone over the age of 15 to drive a car on private property, such as a racetrack, without a license. This has led to a growing trend of wealthy parents buying expensive sports cars for their teenage children to drive on private tracks.

While some argue that this is a dangerous trend that puts young drivers at risk, others see it as a way for teenagers to learn responsible driving skills in a controlled environment. Advocates also note that Sweden has one of the lowest rates of traffic fatalities in the world, suggesting that their approach to driving education may be effective.

The article also notes that the trend is not limited to Sweden, with similar programs and private tracks for teenage drivers available in other countries, including the United States.

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Swedish Teens Drive Porsches and BMWs Without Licenses on Private Tracks, Raising Safety Concerns

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