Rivian launched the R1T and R1S with a high-fidelity audio system designed by the leading audio company Meridian. Two years later, the partnership ended, and Rivian started producing the Elevate audio system in-house. Owners are split over the move, some framing it as a cost-cutting measure, while others think it’s a good sign.
Many carmakers offer a premium audio system for their most expensive models. For various reasons, many of those HiFi audio systems are designed by third-party companies with a reputation in the audiophile segment. In the case of the R1S and R1T, Rivian decided to partner with Meridian, a leading audio company that makes high-end audio systems for luxury carmakers like Jaguar Land Rover. Rivian named the audio system in its vehicles Rivian Elevation by Meridian and later Meridian Elevation. Starting in February, the audio system is called simply Rivian Elevation.

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Rivian Does a Bate And Switch - Cheapens High End Audio System Without Warning

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