Remember when the launch of a new car used to jump from sneaky spy shots to the full reveal with no pre-amble? Those days are long gone. In the modern age, brands grab every opportunity to hype up their car, starting with teaser images that give almost nothing away about the vehicle in question.

To be fair to Toyota, at least we can tell from this cryptic teaser that just appeared on its official Instagram account that the vehicle is a truck. And that being the case we’ve got a pretty big hunch that it’s the new Tacoma.
The current version of the popular mid-size truck was first seen at the North American International Auto Show way back in January 2015, so it’s ripe for reinvention. And thanks to patent drawings filed in Brazil – and unfortunately for Toyota’s attempts to maintain an air of mystery – we already know that the next generation of Tacoma will borrow significant design cues from the bigger, chunkier Tundra that went into production for the 2022 model year. 

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Toyota Teases Next Generation Tacoma

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