An new study has found that the ability to determine parking space availability near destinations has become the top requested in-car connected technology for drivers.
The latest Connected Features Interest Survey Report put together by TechInsights assessed 28 connected car features across 4,990 drivers in the U.S., UK, Germany, France, Italy, and China.  The study also delivered some other interesting results and revealed that the connected car services being demanded by drivers vary slightly between markets.
Drivers in China said in-car parking information was the most valuable feature while motorists in Europe said it was the second-most important feature and just 1 per cent behind their top choice. In America, respondents also placed it as their second highest priority, just 3 per cent behind live traffic information technology. The demand for parking information stretches across generations.

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Study Reveals Drivers Really Want Technology Just To Help Them Find A Damn Parking Space

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