Beijing Hyundai launched a pretty interesting compact SUV concept in China last Friday, featuring a number of off-road-focused modifications and a Lion King-inspired name. The Hyundai Mufasa Adventure is a beefed-up preview of the production model that will debut at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show in April, before going on sale in the Chinese market this June.

We have already seen photos of the Hyundai Mufasa thanks to the Chinese Ministry Of Industry and Technology, so we know what to expect. Predictably, the concept looks more impressive thanks to a number of rugged features which will not make it to production, while retaining the Hyundai-Kia mashup of styling cues on the bodywork.

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Hyundai Reveals The Rough And Tumble Mufasa Concept - Is This The Bronco Killer You Have Been Waiting For?

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