UAW President Shawn Fain struck a defiant tone in his inaugural address to members on the first day of the union's special bargaining convention, laying the groundwork for potentially contentious contract talks with the Detroit 3 automakers this year.

We have the discipline we need to organize better than ever before, Fain said. “We have the understanding we need to regain the trust of the membership. We have the organization that, if united in a common goal, we cannot be defeated. We have the will to sacrifice for the greater good, including on the picket line.”
Fain said the UAW planned to fight to gain what it lost during the Great Recession, when the automakers asked for concessions to remain afloat financially.
“Our members have very high expectations, and rightfully so,” Fain said. “They demanded equality of sacrifice from us. Today we demand equality of gains for our membership.”

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UAW Declares War On US Automakers With Increasingly Militant Rhetoric

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