We’ve seen the teasers, the tech breakdowns, and the spy shots, and here, finally, is the full lowdown on Lamborghini’s new LB744 hybrid supercar, including its name. It’s called the Revuelto after a Spanish fighting bull, though it also means “scrambled eggs” in the same language, which is not lost on Lamborghini as it launches its first-ever full production vehicle that mixes dual power sources.
As only the sixth new V12-powered Lamborghini sports car in 60 years, it would still be a big deal if Lamborghini had done nothing besides drape a new skin over the 12-year-old Aventador. But the LB744 is so much more than that. It introduces several Lamborghini firsts and gives us an indication of how Italy’s most outrageous car company is going to navigate the next few years, both in terms of design and engineering.

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REVEALED: 1001HP Lamborghini LB744 Revuelto Hybrid Supercar Can Go 0-60 In 2.5 Seconds

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