The Chinese tech firm has recently developed a system that can automatically adjust the interior lights in a car based on the driver’s heart-rate readings.
The company conducted research to determine how the interior light configuration and colors could improve the mood and positively impact the overall physical and emotional health of the driver.
As such, Huawei explains in a recent patent that it’s all connected to the driver’s heart rate. The new technology, called “ambient lighting control method, device, equipment, storage, and vehicle,” is supposed to monitor the driver for signs of stress. If you’re angry, for instance, the device would use an ultra-bandwidth radio frequency signal to measure changes in heart rate readings. Based on the results, it can adjust the interior lights accordingly.
Sure enough, Huawei can put together simpler implementations to adjust the interior lights based on health sensor readings.

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Tech Firm Develops System To Monitor When You Are Angry And Calm You By Adjusting The Ambient Lighting

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