The push to ban gas-powered vehicles has gained momentum in recent years, with some states and countries setting ambitious goals to completely phase out combustion engine cars. However, the question remains: where was the vote on this? Should the next president have Americans vote on whether to dump the mandate?

The short answer is that there hasn't been a single vote on banning gas-powered vehicles at the federal level. While some individual states have set their own goals, such as California's plan to phase out gas vehicles by 2035, there has been no national mandate put forth by Congress or the President. This has left many Americans feeling frustrated and excluded from the decision-making process.

There are concerns about the economic impact of banning gas vehicles. The auto industry is a significant employer, and many people rely on gas-powered vehicles for their livelihoods. A sudden shift could have unintended consequences, such as job losses and economic disruption. We’re seeing it already.

So, should the next President put the issue to a vote? It's certainly a democratic way to approach the issue and ensure that all Americans have a say in the matter. However, there are also risks involved. If the majority of Americans vote against a ban on gas vehicles, it could slow down progress towards achieving climate goals. Conversely, if the majority vote in favor, there may be economic and social consequences that are difficult to predict.

Ultimately, the decision of whether to ban gas-powered vehicles will require a balance between environmental and economic concerns. It's important to involve the public in the decision-making process, but also to consider expert opinions and data-driven analysis. The real science. Not the one way narrative we see now.

The question of whether to ban gas-powered vehicles is a complex issue that requires careful consideration.

What say YOU Spies? SHOULD the next President put decisions like this up to a national vote?

If we're committing to that much money and potential negative outcomes should WE get to choose? Why should decisions that impactful on society just be allowed to happen unchallenged?

They Want To BAN Gas Vehicles. WHERE Was The VOTE On This? Should The NEXT President Have Americans VOTE On Whether To KEEP Or DUMP The Mandate?

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