A Tesla employee took a POV picture from inside a Cybertruck prototype during 2023 Investor Day, and it somehow landed on Chinese social media. It then spread like fire on Twitter, as people are starved to discover more details about the upcoming electric pickup. Still, not all were impressed by the sparse cockpit, which doesn't compare favorably with the Rivian R1T.
As Tesla Cybertruck nears production, more and more details surface, keeping people hooked up to the news stream. If recent rumors are true, Tesla could start test production as early as next month. By now, the Cybertruck development has been completed, although chief designer Franz von Holzhausen warned that Tesla never favors a "pencils-down" approach to its models. Hopefully, this would also be true for the Cybertruck because the first impressions from people seeing it in real life look more and more like a disappointment.

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